Patriots, Redskins will try to manage physicality

Patriots, Redskins will try to manage physicality
August 4, 2014, 9:15 am
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RICHMOND, Virginia – Sometime in the next three days, somebody from the Patriots and somebody from the Redskins are going to get pissed off at each other.
And it’s a safe bet that, at that point, the dial will be turned up in terms of aggressiveness. Here at the Redskins training camp headquarters Monday morning, Bill Belichick spoke about being vigilant on the aggressiveness front.
“Jay (Gruden, the Redskins head coach) and I have talked about it – we don’t want to come out of here with a long list of injuries,” Belichick said before the morning practice. “We want to get better as a team and build our teamwork together but not at the expense of putting guys in the training room.”
Last season when the Patriots traveled to Philadelphia, an overstimulated Cary Williams started in with Patriots rookie wideout Aaron Dobson and the two were ejected from practice. That’s over the line.
But there will be moments of heavy hitting.  
“I see it as pretty much the same tempo we work on in practice against each other and that’s competitive level, taking care of each other,” Belichick explained. “Then when we have drills that are live, full-contact drills, then they’re full-contact drills. We have different levels of contact and competitiveness set up this week. We’ll monitor those. But I think it should be a good working tempo.”
The Patriots have been fortunate in terms of injuries so far. On a slick and beaten-up field here in Richmond, they’ll be hoping their luck continues as the intensity rises.