Patriots ready to take on bye week


Patriots ready to take on bye week

The Patriots know when they'll play their next game. They just don't know who it will be against.

But because they are the No. 1 seed in the AFC, they do know that game will be at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 8 p.m., and against either the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers or Cincinnati Bengals.

So with a bye week during the Wild Card round of the playoffs, coach Bill Belichick talked about what their goal will be during the extra time off.

"We put ourselves in a decent position here, and now it's really time to end that chapter, and move on to the next one," said Belichick in a conference call on Monday.

"Of course, we know what the possibilities are, and what it could be," he added. "So, we'll get a little bit of a jump start on those teams, as far as breaking down film and looking at them."

The Patriots lost to Pittsburgh and beat Denver in the regular season. They didn't play Cincinnati. While they'll do some scouting on those three teams this week, their primary focus will be on fixing their own issues.

"There isn't too much we can do about that for a few days," said Belichick. "I'll say that most important thing is to focus on our team, what we can do to improve on our end. Certainly we're aware of the three potential teams we can play next. We'll definitely do work on them, and make sure we're prepared for them, once we know who it is.

"We'll get a little bit of a head start there, but the bigger picture for us right now is to try to make sure that we can take advantage of our opportunities at practice and meetings -- in the time that we have between now and the next game -- to do the best things that we can do to help ourselves and additionally help our team."