Patriots not interested in trash talk


Patriots not interested in trash talk

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bill Belichick's teams don't usually play the trash-talking game. Though shots were fired from New York on Friday, the Patriots still wouldn't engage in it on Sunday night during the week's first media availibility period.

They barely even acknowledged that the Giants had spewed what might be perceived as bulletin-board material.

New York wide receiver Mario Manningham seemed to beg the Patriots to play utilityman Julian Edelman as a defensive back in Super Bowl XLVI, hoping to expose him. Giants defensive end Osi Umenyora said he hates Patriots tackle Matt Light.

Still, no reaction from New England.

"We hear it sometimes," said Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo. "But at the same time we always talk about ignoring the noise. We're focused on this game. They have a great team, great players. Whatever their opinion is, that's their opinion."

The Pats offensive line, and Logan Mankins in particular, are often the targets of trash talk -- both on and off the field. And while Mankins rarely shies away from a on-field confrontation, he didn't seem to be bothered when told that Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck has called New England's offensive line dirty.

"That's all right," Mankins said. "We don't mind being called dirty or cheap or any of that stuff. That's a compliment to us."

Tom Brady's remarks at the Patriots pep rally wouldn't normally be considered controversial, but they drew attention Sunday.

"We're going down there, and we're going down there for one reason," Brady said. "We're going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend."

Hardly a guarantee. Though during Super Bowl week, that kind of comment stirs things up because it's about as close as the Patriots will get to talking trash.

Celtics waive Kelly


Celtics waive Kelly

Less than 24 hours after signing Ryan Kelly, the Celtics waived the power forward.

This is the second time Kelly was put on waivers in the past week, which is how Boston initially acquired him from the Hawks.

Now the door is open for Kelly to sign with Boston's D-League team, the Maine Red Claws, which was the initial expectation when the Celtics acquired him.