Patriots know they'll face scorcher in Week 1

Patriots know they'll face scorcher in Week 1
April 24, 2014, 4:45 pm
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FOXBORO -- As the world waited for its release, Devin McCourty didn't seem all that excited on Wednesday night when the NFL schedule was announced.

Soon after seeing that the Patriots would play on the road for the first two weeks of the season, he took to Twitter.

On Thursday, in a conversation with media members at Gillette Stadium, McCourty explained what will make New England's Week 1 matchup particularly difficult to prepare for.

"Maybe we could build a big sauna and try to practice in there to get ready for the heat," McCourty said of playing in Miami in early September.

"It's always a challenge to go down there, whether it's the beginning of the season or if we go down in December. Trying to get your body ready for that heat is just tough. You really can't get it in New England. I know guys will do whatever they have to do just to be ready to go.

"I remember my second year we played down there Monday Night and that was tough to open the season there with the heat and the humidity. Guys will work hard and I don't really worry about weather because I know guys do anything and everything and I know our nutritionist will have us ready to go."