Patriots going big inside with Vollmer to guard?

Patriots going big inside with Vollmer to guard?
August 30, 2014, 10:30 am
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Sebastian Vollmer -- a treetop right tackle -- is being moved to guard, according to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe.

Volin tweeted Saturday morning, “Patriots had a meeting with the veteran offensive linemen yesterday and told Vollmer about moving to guard, (Marcus) Cannon to tackle.”

On Friday, Bill Belichick spoke about Cannon saying he, “definitely could play guard or tackle. It’s just a question of refining his skills at one position. Of course, the majority of his plays have come at tackle. He did play guard last year and he played guard this year."

Cannon at tackle isn’t an eyebrow-raiser, then. But moving Vollmer to guard is. At right tackle, he’s very accomplished -- a player with the requisite length to fend off and redirect edge rushers and a monster in the running game.

But putting a 6-foot-8 player at guard goes against the conventional wisdom of having stubbier inside players that quarterbacks can easily see over to make reads down the middle of the field.

For instance, Jon Halapio -- a draft pick out of Florida this May -- is 6-3. So is Josh Kline, who played every snap at left guard on Thursday night. Dan Connolly is 6-4. Cannon is 6-5.

Vollmer -- when healthy -- is a top-tier right tackle. But his brittleness and the fact Cannon’s coming into his prime may be making the Patriots look at a succession plan.

So that means Vollmer to the inside, apparently. Which will mean a real challenge for 6-2 Jimmy Garoppolo down the road.