Patriots Draft Rewind: Logan Mankins

Patriots Draft Rewind: Logan Mankins
April 7, 2014, 8:00 pm
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A look back at 30 prospects the Patriots have plucked during the Bill Belichick Era. Some were hits, some misses and some foul balls. Today, the scouting report at the time on Logan Mankins.
Logan Mankins, Fresno State
6-4, 307
82 knockdown blocks, 0 sacks allowed in 2004. Helped David Carr get selected first overall in 2002 after Mankins protected him as redshirt freshman right tackle.
From a USA Today predraft article said in the spring of 2005, “Opposing coaches call Mankins the smartest blocker in the Western Athletic Conference, opposing players regard him as one of the most competitive and aggressive blockers in the nation. Hailing from a small lumberjack town, Mankins rivals only Paul Bunyan when it comes to others telling stories of their encounters with this technically sound blocker”
Physically tough, playing through severe ankle sprain at end of 2002. ACL injury cost him his 2003 season. Excellent balance and power, both smart and aggressive. Body control and technical expertise very valued.
Heavy-footed at the second level. His aggression can get the better of him and result in personal fouls.
Having lost Joe Andruzzi to the Browns in free agency (he joined Romeo Crennel who became head coach), the Patriots need a guard alongside Matt Light. Even though he’s been a tackle, Mankins is projected as a guard. Stephen Neal is at right guard, Dan Koppen’s the center and Brandon Gorin is holding down right tackle at the moment.
The Patriots were forecasted to take a corner (even though they’d signed Duane Starks in the offseason) or a linebacker like Odell Thurman. Heading into that draft, I mentioned Mankins as a possible draft target but in the mid-rounds. Projections everywhere had Mankins as a third-rounder.
Mankins and Nate Solder are the only two offensive linemen taken in the first round during the Belichick administration. Mankins has panned out exactly as the scouting report in USA Today said he might – right down to the personal fouls. A three-time All-Pro, possibly a Patriots Hall of Famer one day, he’s never won a Super Bowl but he’s one of the best linemen the team’s ever had.