Patriots can't overcome third-down struggles

Patriots can't overcome third-down struggles
October 21, 2013, 12:30 pm
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One of the Patriots' biggest downfalls in Sunday's 30-27 overtime loss to the New York Jets was their third-down conversion percentage.

While the Jets converted 11-of-21 third downs, the Patriots, went 1-for-12.

In a conference call on Monday, Bill Belichick blamed the lack of execution on players and coaches.

"We just didn’t do a good enough job," said Belichick. "The league average in those situations is a lot higher than what we were. They’re not impossible situations. The third-and-longs are third-and-longs. They are what they are, they’re hard to get. You have to get some of them too. The ones that we had better opportunities on, the short-yardage situations, including the third-and-1, twice we couldn’t make those either. We came back and made the fourth-and-1, but we just didn’t do things well enough to get the yardage.

"I would say it’s a combination of a lot of things," added Belichick. "We have to coach better, we have to block better, we have to throw and catch better. We have to just execute the pays in the passing game and the running game. From the coaching standpoint, we have to do a better job there too. I’d say all the way across the board. I couldn’t point to one [thing], it wasn’t the same problem on every play but the results weren’t anywhere near good enough, what they need to be."