Patriots are waiting on their playoff opponent

Patriots are waiting on their playoff opponent
January 5, 2014, 12:15 pm
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The Patriots prospective opponents for next Saturday night are down to two. They’ll get either Cincinnati, which plays San Diego today, or the Colts who won a thriller at home against the Chiefs.
If Cincy wins, the Bengals are coming to Gillette.
But first, on Indy. That they fell behind so grotesquely in their matchup with the Chiefs doesn’t speak well of their chances.
Yeah, something, something, something, noble, something, something, comeback but by the time Indy overtook KC the Chiefs were looking like the Black Knight from Monty Python.

Last season, the Patriots mollywhomped Indy 59-24 as Andrew Luck threw three picks -- two returned for touchdowns -- and Julian Edelman brought a punt back for a score. The Patriots aren’t the planet’s most diverse offense at this point, but Kansas City was almost entirely without options offensively by the fourth quarter.
Watching Indy take so long to address that Alex Smith was murdering them with his feet on both the read-option and designed runs gives me a feeling that, once the Patriots get a feel for what the Indy defense will be doing, they’ll hone in and do work.
Defensively, the Patriots would be wise to spy Andrew Luck on third downs because his ability to create is so underrated. Luck may be great someday but he is still learning and Bill Belichick should be able to draw up enough mess to make it hard for him.
Cincy’s a different story. Defensively, they have enough secondary talent to win physical matchups against the Patriots skill guys so it will come down to Brady outthinking the Bengals. It will be interesting to see how well the Chargers are able to run on the Bengals because that may be the path of least resistance for a Patriots win offensively.
Defensively, we’ll see what side of the bed Andy Dalton wakes up on. The Red Rocket giveth and he taketh away.