'The Patriot Way is a real thing'

'The Patriot Way is a real thing'
August 19, 2012, 3:09 am
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Eric Bedard of the Boston Globe joins Gary Tanguay and Greg Dickerson on "Uno SportsTonight" to talk about 'The Patriot Way.'

Does it really exist?

New Pats wide receiver Brandon Lloyd thinks so, telling reporters at training camp: "You hear about it, try to emulate it as best you can when you're on other teams It's different when everyone on the roster is doing it, not just four or five guys."

Bedard agrees, "The Patriot Way is a real thing," he said.

He adds, "There should be legitimate talk about the manner in which they do things. Everyone is held to a higher standard."

Bedard went on to say that a veteran such as Lloyd, who has played for a lot of coaches, when he "comes here and sees that, it's impressive."

When asked if there still a place on the team for another veteran receiver, former Super Bowl MVP Deon Branch, Bedard said after initially not thinking Branch wouldn't make the team, he's now convinced he'll be on the final roster.

"There's something to be said about a guy Tom Brady trusts," Bedard said.