Open your eyes; this is a good signing

Open your eyes; this is a good signing
June 10, 2013, 7:30 pm
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If your argument against Tim Tebow belonging in the NFL is his atrocious completion percentage and terrible mechanics, it's time to take off the blinders and start thinking like an NFL coach not named Rex Ryan.

Yes, the Patriots have reportedly signed Tebow.

Yes, Bill Belichick realizes there's next to zero risk involved in bringing Tebow on at this point.

Yes, Tebow may have his former head coach Josh McDaniels to partially thank for the opportunity.

Yes, Tebow can help the Patriots this season.

No, Tom Brady shouldn't be worried. Or Ryan Mallett. Looking back, Mike Kafka probably should have been worried.

The Patriots didn't sign Tebow to match their underwhelming receiving corps with an underwhelming (at best) passer -- although that would certainly be an interesting way to fight fire with fire.

They signed him because a) he's available for nothing, b) he's proven that he cares about winning, c) despite hearing the contrary, he'll probably play anywhere on the field at this point in his career, and d) at the very least, he can provide another look on offense in OTAs and practice.

There's also two positions on offense that at this time that could use another warm body: tight end and fullback.

Why tight end? Because according to the Belichick School of Football, you can never have enough tight ends. Plus, Rob Gronkowski won't be around anytime soon.

Why fullback? Well, unless James Develin or Ben Bartholomew do something for you, whats the hurt in trying?

The idea that Tebow simply won't be able to help out or comprehend any other position on the field is another head scratcher. Has Bill Belichick and his staff never had success in converting players form one position to another? And doesn't being a former QB give you a pretty good head start?

The Patriots didn't win three Super Bowls and play in two others with one-dimensional players. They got there with a roster that could do multiple things. As simple (and as dumb) as it sounds, they got there with football players.

Mike Vrabel caught 10 touchdown passes for the Pats at the tight end spot. Hey, Nate Solder has lined up there too! Speaking of a possible fullback opening, Dan Klecko, who was primarily a defensive tackle, made more than a few key blocks for the Pats near the goal line back in the day. Richard Seymour dabbled in it with the Pats as well.

Troy Brown seemed to grasp defensive back easily enough after a career at wide receiver. Julian Edelman did too, and was actually a quarterback in college before converting to wide receiver with the Patriots (gasp!). Oh, and Rob Ninkovich has made a pretty good transition from linebacker to defensive end. Logan Mankins was a tackle in college. You already know he's a damn good guard. Dan Connolly went from guard to center in a pinch, and even dabbled in a little kick returning (jokes). Nate Solder lined up at tight end too.

You get it. These are all players that Belichick has had some level of success in moving around, and until he fails in trying it out with Tebow -- who as far as we know is every bit as smart as the previously mentioned players, and more athletic than some of them -- there's no real reason to hate the signing.

Unless, of course, your blinders are still on a little too tight.