Ohrnberger to try out for Giants


Ohrnberger to try out for Giants

Former Patriots offensive lineman Rich Ohrnberger -- probably known more for his antics on Twitter than for his play on the field -- will soon try out for the Giants, he tweeted.

Checking in at mini-camp for a tryout with the NY Giants.. Hopefully my rigorous off-season regime of hot yoga and calisthenics pays off. Rich Ohrnberger (@ohrnberger) May 10, 2012
Ohnberger was drafted in the fourth round by the Patriots in 2009 and was mostly a practice squad player until he was released last season.

He might be a longshot to make the Giants, but any opportunity to mention Ohrnberger and his tweets is an opportunity for laughs. So, by all means, check out what @ohrnberger has had to say over the last few months. But beware: He likes to take photos of himself in his underwear.

Don't say we didn't warn you.