Ochocinco: 'Competitive side feels empty'


Ochocinco: 'Competitive side feels empty'

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco sat down with NECN reporter Jackie Bruno Friday morning to discuss everything from Twitter to the Super Bowl.

"Twitter's been able to actually see who Chad really is and not believe what you hear on TV or through papers or blogs or any of that stuff. And I think at this point that my following is actually big enough that people know who I am and how I feel. And when things are going on, there's no need to watch TV or read when you could just send me a question or tweet and I'll probably answer it."

While things have been going well on Twitter, Ochocinco wasn't shy to admit that this season hasn't exactly gone well for him.

"It's been not the same year that I'm used to having, you know, it's been not as productive as normal," he said. "Even with my same routine, regiment, that I always do every year. You know, I've had a decade, a body of work that's been really good and I came into New England with that same work ethic and routine that has gave me great results in the past and it just didn't work out that way this year, for whatever reason.

"Getting to this point, the big dance, which has always been a dream of mine, with all the small goals that I've already accomplished as a receiver, it's a great thing, but to me it still feels incomplete because I don't feel like I've contributed enough to get to this point. And that's the competitive side of me. A lot of people say, 'well, you're part of a team.' I think, for myself, and the competitor that I've always been, that entertaining guy, that guy who wants to produce at all costs, I don't feel right."

"Sometimes you have to swallow your pride, as I've had to do, and I've enjoyed this humble experience."

Despite the season's hardships, Ochocinco said that he has enjoyed his time in New England.

"I love it, man. The fact that Mr. Kraft and Bill gave me a chance to actually know what winning feels like, and I mean winning in every sense of the word, it's been awesome. The fans have been great. I know some have been a little upset about things not going the way I expected to and also they expected to, but I've handled myself like a true professional this year."