Ocho to Goodell: Dad, I will be a problem


Ocho to Goodell: Dad, I will be a problem

It's early, but the marriage between the Miami Dolphins and Chad Ochocinco seems to be going just about as well as either side could have ever hoped.

In Ochocinco, the attention-starved Dolphins have a media magnet. In Miami, Ocho has a platform to be himself.

It's an enabling environment that leads to Ocho tweeting all sorts of nonsense all day long, but we took note of one particular tweet he posted earlier today:

@nflcommish Dad... I love u but I will be a problem this year..all fine money this year can be collected from@MiamiDolphins management Chad Ochocinco (@ochocinco) June 25, 2012
None of this translates into scoring points in football games, of course, but all of us -- Roger Goodell included -- will be watching. And that in itself is a win for the Dolphins.