O'Brien believes in Ochocinco


O'Brien believes in Ochocinco

With many questions being asked about the Patriots offense, coordinator Bill O'Brien disagreed with the notion that Tom Brady didn't have a deep threat in his artillery of offensive weapons heading into their game with the New York Jets.

"I think we have guys that can stretch the field," said O'Brien in a conference call Tuesday. "We have guys that are good vertical receivers and some that do a little bit of both.

"So I dont necessarily agree with that. I just think, again, we have do a better job of coaching, playing, and go out there and actually show what were capable of doing. Hopefully we do that this week."

One of those weapons is supposed to be Chad Ochocinco. But he was targeted five times on Sunday against the Giants and finished the game with zero receptions. Unlike in games past, those targets seemed to be... off-target.

O'Brien said the Patriots need to do a better job of getting Ochocinco the ball.

"As usual with that position, were trying to play a bunch of guys to see who can contribute, and those guys have been practicing really well," said O'Brien. "Chads definitely in that group and hes done some good things and we need to do a better job of getting him the ball and things like that. But that would go for everybody. We have to do a really good job of coaching that position this week and hopefully well get some more guys contributing in the game on Sunday."

The Patriots were also hoping to use Taylor Price as one of those weapons, but Price was inactive on Sunday.

"I was disappointed for him," said O'Brien. "You cant control injuries. Hes a good kid, and he's worked hard.

"I really would like to get a lot of people involved. We play a lot of guys, and each game and we go into it with that thought process. And then, obviously, we take what defenses give us. So, like in this past game, Wes and Rob Gronkowski had a bunch of catches. But hopefully in the next game, we can get some more guys involved. So its not just one guy, its trying to get a lot of guys involved."