No Huddle: Jason McCourty ready to take on twin

No Huddle: Jason McCourty ready to take on twin
September 6, 2012, 2:24 pm
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FOXBORO -- It may feel you're being inundated this week with stories about twin brothers Devin and Jason McCourty.
You are.
But how often do you get a pair of twins, split up, put on opposing NFL teams, and pitted against one another to kick off the 2012 NFL season? That's what you've got in Sunday's tilt between the Patriots and Titans.
Jason took a few minutes Wednesday afternoon to talk about the match up via conference call. Even though both brothers have said there's no trash talking going on -- there's no talking period -- reporters did their best to stir the pot.
Hey, it's a unique opportunity for everyone.
What will it be like to face your twin brother this weekend?JM: "To grow up with a guy and we were always playing on the same team, so at this level to be able to face off, will be something special that we wont realize after the game, but probably years from now."This has to be a tough one for your mother. Whose jersey does she wear?JM: "I told her that shes coming down today and staying with me. I told her that if shes staying with me and planning to come back to the house after the game that shell be rooting for the Titans."Devin said that she is going to wear a half-and-half jersey but with a Patriots shirt underneath. Are you going to let that happen?JM: Laughs "Nah, there wont be any Patriots memorabilia in Nashville at all."We talked to Devin earlier and without hesitation he said that he is his mothers favorite son. What do you have to say to that?JM: "Ah, you know that everyone has to be confident in themselves, so I would expect him to say that."He said the ticket requests fell on your shoulders. How many family members will you have in the stadium Sunday?JM: "Just about 20. Since Im the one with the home game, the ticket requests fell on me, so Ill be looking for a check for about half from Dev."Do people say that you and Devin play a similar style of football?JM: "Yeah, people have been saying that since his rookie year. Its funny, when you turn the film on for both of us you can see a lot of similarities in our body movements. Some of the guys even joke around and say we walk alike. Its a pretty cool thing."Are your offensive teammates looking to you for a scouting report?JM: "Well, I told the guys that Im probably the best scout team look they can get this season going up against Dev on Sunday because our games are so similar. So I can line up without even noticing and probably do some of the things he does."
What are the differences in your games?JM: "I dont know, I guess Id leave that to other guys to figure out what the differences are. I think we both go out and play hard, not afraid to tackle, go out there and do whatever the team needs to win the game."Devin was drafted earlier (at 27 overall in 2010; Jason went 203 overall in 2009) but you just signed a new contract. Who has the bragging rights there?JM: Laughs "I dont know, I probably have a little bit of it now. I talk a little bit of trash to him about when I first signed and how he was the first rounder, but it doesnt matter anymore. Its just kind of good motivation for one another. It pushes us to get to where the other one is at."How did growing up with each other help you guys evolve your games?JM: "Its been huge. Always having someone next to you to be honest with you and push you. I can remember some of our college workouts, just getting out there and it being hot and you feel like slacking off. Just to have that person to the side who wasnt afraid to tell you that you were slacking off or to step it up. Things like that, having that person to push you and motivate you to get you where we are today."What was the competition like when you played basketball or video games or anything like that?JM: Laughs "Oh man, you can ask my mom about that. Basketball games and video games always ended in a fight. Wed play basketball, not keep score and just go at it."Which brother could beat the other one?JM: "I was a first-team all county player in high school and he was second, so"Is it going to feel different to play a game with your brother on the other team?JM: "I dont know. It might feel a little bit weird. Usually on Sundays after our game Im hoping that he has a good game and wins the game, but I dont know. I guess well have to find out after the game how we felt."Was it last year when you and Devin bought your mom a house? What was it like to be able to do that?JM: "Yeah, that was an extraordinary feeling. Thats kind of what motivated us our entire lives, to be able grow up and be able to give back and do things for my mother. So to be able to do things like that and just see the smile on her face and to know that youre making a huge difference for her in her life, thats probably the best feeling we can get coming out of this."What is the best case scenario for the McCourty twins on Sunday?JM: Laughs "Titans with a win. Hell get over it."