No Huddle: Belichick on Ravens, linebackers, Ray Horton

No Huddle: Belichick on Ravens, linebackers, Ray Horton
September 21, 2012, 9:10 pm
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FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick's Friday Q&A with reporters was his fourth of the week. But there are always new things for the Patriots coach to touch on when Friday rolls around.
Someone had to ask about Ray Horton, after all.
That and more, below....
Jerod Mayo and Brandon Spikes are two linebackers with different football personalities. Is there a value in having different types of personalities on defense?BB: "I really think we have 53 different personalities on the team. Thats probably a good thing; you dont want them all to be the same. They just have to blend in and respect each other. We all have our own personalities and like I said, I think thats great for the team as long as theres mutual respect and its done in a respectful way within the team context. I dont try to shape or judge anybody elses personality they are who they are."Is there more a spot for that on the defense, in terms of the energy?BB: "I dont know. Like I said, I think different people have different styles, playing styles and emotional levels and all that kind of thing. I think somehow its a blend of those personalities into your team. Thats what creates that team. Each team is different, unique. Its made up of different people every year and some personalities are added, some arent there and they mesh slightly or maybe sometimes not so slightly differently and that creates the personality of your entire team.
"I dont think theres any science to it. Thats not anything Ive ever tried to create, Oh, we need this kind of personality on the team or, Oh, we dont want that kind of personality on the team. If they can blend together and be part of the team and do their job and be productive, then that just affects the personality of that group of players. I dont think thats a bad thing."
Is preparing for the Ravens run defense any different compared to other teams in other weeks?BB: "Of course, theyre all different. The Ravens have different players and they have their own unique scheme, like everybody else does. Theyre a very good technique team, they play well with their hands, they recognize blocks well, linebackers are, its hard to fool them, especially Ray Lewis, but all of them are disciplined, they dont give up a lot of easy plays.
"You have to block them, they dont run themselves out of a lot of plays, they make you block them and you have to do a good job. You have to have good pad level, good technique; you have to finish your blocks, theyre a good tackling team. Theyre not easy to run the ball against."What stands out to you in your six meetings with Baltimore in six years?BB: "There have Been a lot of close, hard fought games going back to 07, last possession. Really all those games have come down to the last possession except the playoff game in 2010. All those other games were basically the last play really, not even in the last possession, Id say pretty much the last play; very competitive games. Weve had the last four of them here so we havent been down there in awhile so that will make this a little different from the last few. That all evens out in the long run."Whats your reaction to Ray Horton saying he could see your plays coming offensively last week?BB: "Were on to Baltimore."