NFL personnel criticized Patriots pick Wilson


NFL personnel criticized Patriots pick Wilson

According to a report, personnel people around the NFL criticized the Patriots when they selected defensive back Tavon Wilson in the third round.

After two selections which were largely lauded by the scouting community, the Patriots' second-round selection was largely criticized. S Tavon Wilson, according to multiple personnel sources, should have been selected farther down in the draft. In fact, two personnel executives said their respective teams had third day grades (fifth or six round). Wilson played cornerback and safety at the University Illinois and has the positional versatility that Belichick covets, but one of the sources said the rookie doesnt possess any outstanding qualities, which could explain why the selection was so heavily criticized.

The site goes on to say that, of course, Bill Belichick could care less what personnel people around the league have to say. When he has a type of player in mind, and he thinks that player can thrive in New England's system, he takes him. End of story. Not a whole lot of relying on Mel Kiper's Big Board when it comes to the Patriots' draft strategy -- something we should all know by now.

The Sideline View breaks down all of New England's picks, giving the franchise credit for taking Jake Bequette, special teams specialist Nate Ebner and draft-day-slider Alfonzo Dennard. Overall, the Patriots got a B- for their draft.

Norris: Best/Worst picks by Patriots in 2016 NFL Draft


Norris: Best/Worst picks by Patriots in 2016 NFL Draft

Josh Norris joins SportsNet Central to give his take on the best and worst picks from the New England Patriots in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Brady remains undefeated against Father Time


Brady remains undefeated against Father Time

The Old Man got the last laugh. Tom Brady has outlived his replacement.

Remember when Jimmy Garoppolo was selected out of that football powerhouse, Eastern Illinois in the second round, 30th overall, in the 2014 draft? That was the beginning of the end for Tom Brady, remember?

Then Brady and the Patriots got off to that horrible start in '04 when they went 2-2, culminating with that butt whipping by the Chiefs in Kansas City.Good thing that the Hooded Genius was thinking ahead by drafting his boy Jimmy G., eh? Garoppolo would learn from the wise master (Brady) and then be ready to go in a couple of years when father time would finally catch up with TB12.

Well, Father Time is still in Brady’s rear-view mirror and Garoppolo saw his replacement drafted on Friday night: Jacoby Brissett out of North Carolina State. With Brady still playing at a high level and Jimmy G.’s contract up after the 2017 season -- two years before Tom’s new deal expires -- Garoppolo's days here are numbered. He's on the market . . . and that might be a good thing for him. Replacing a legend like Brady isn't easy. Garoppolo may leave here with three years of Belichick and Brady University under his belt, headed for a less pressurized situation.

Since, the Pats picked Brady’s understudy in 2014 Brady went on to win his fourth Super Bowl and could have won his fifth if his offensive line hadn’t wilted down the stretch and his head coach had not brain camped in the Eagle and Dolphin games.

I'm surprised. Brady is the greatest quarterback off all time but even the greatest has to make way for the future. That will happen eventually to Brady.

 I think.