NFL Network to put cameras in pylons


NFL Network to put cameras in pylons

The NFL Network is working on putting cameras in the pylons on goal lines to give viewers a better look at scoring plays. They could be in place as soon as Thursday.

Weve added a couple extra cameras in a couple of spots, NFL Network Senior V.P. of production and programming Mark Quenzel said in a conference call. Were playing around with a camera, believe it or not, thats going to be in the pylon. I dont know if were going to have it this week. Were still working out some kinks on the pylons, that allow us to see goal line stands, those types of things, and were going to add a couple of cameras for isolating players.

From PFT:
A camera in the pylon could provide a great view to fans at home, and it could also provide a great view to the referee reviewing a play near the goal line and trying to determine whether a runners knee was down before the ball broke the plane. If the technology works, this is a development that would improve officiating, and should be adopted for every NFL game.

Amazing it hasn't been done already. Better late than never, though.