Neumeier crafts response for Belichick

Neumeier crafts response for Belichick
July 16, 2013, 10:00 pm
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Bill Belichick has always made the most of his reputation for being silent when it comes to the media. But the Patriots coach will likely face a new kind of storm when he takes the podium for the first time since former Patriots tight end was charged with murder. 

Whether or not the circumstances will change Belichick's response is unknown. But Kirk Minihane said on UNO Sports Tonight that he doesn't expect anything but the usual from him.

"What does it matter if (CBS news anchor) Scott Pelley or if Greg Bedard is there? I mean, Belichick's not gonna care," Minihane said. "He's gonna view them the same way. He's gonna be consistent about it."

Bob Neumeier thinks a typical Belichick response would be embarrassing for the NFL on a national story, and even crafted his own response that he'd like to hear from him.

"Look, when Aaron Hernandez came out of Florida, we took a chance," Neumeier said as Belichick. "We knew he was a first-round talent, we picked him in the fourth round. We took a chance. We gambled and we lost."