N.E Tailgate: Patriots-Broncos preview

N.E Tailgate: Patriots-Broncos preview
November 21, 2013, 7:15 pm
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The game fans marked on their calendar all the way back in September is finally here.

The New England Patriots come into Sunday night’s contest against the Denver Broncos at 7-3, and the much hyped game has several storylines.

Glenn Ordway, Fred Smerlas, and Steve DeOssie broke down the key matchups on New England Tailgate.

“There have been very few guys who have left here and Bill Belichick has deemed that maybe don’t fit in with what he is doing anymore, that have gone elsewhere and have excelled,” said Ordway of Wes Welker, who makes his first return to Foxboro since joining the Broncos. “And we all sat here and said this is one guy that can break that mold and he can come back to haunt these guys not only in a regular season game, but possibly in the playoffs.”

With weapons all over the field for Peyton Manning to throw to, the Patriots will have their hands full with Manning’s plethora of receivers.

“[Julius] Thomas, the tight end, I think a lot of concentration is going to go on [Eric] Decker and the other guys,” said Smerlas of who he worries about the most on the Broncos. “The tight end is a beast and he can catch the ball extremely well. That guy is going to create some problems. I think he might be the guy that surprises you and does some big damage.”