morning walkthru

morning walkthru

By Tom E. Curran

Former Patriot corner Jonathan Wilhite has landed with the Bears.

Warren Sapp says Gregg Williams wasn't any "business as usual" BS that people have tried to spin it as. He calls it "one in three billion." To me, the most offensive part was encouraging the Saints to push Vernon Davis back over piles to injure his ankles. I mean, it was all nasty but he's telling them to do that AFTER THE PLAY!

Demetress Bell, getting up to speed for the Eagles. Bell is the son of NBA great Karl Malone but the iconic Mailman has completely turned his back on Bell after fathering Demetress when Malone was at Louisiana Tech and Bell's mother was 13.

Sweet Lord, this Ryan Tannehill panic is going to make some team do something really stupid.

I always enjoyed watching Dallas special teams coach Joe Avezzano prowl the sidelines. Seemed like a good coach. They're sad in Dallas about his passing.