Morning WalkThrough: Wednesday, March 14

Morning WalkThrough: Wednesday, March 14
March 14, 2012, 2:49 pm
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The Buccaneers cap space won't be burning a hole in their pocket much longer. Carl Nicks has signed for a deal that's a smidge better than Logan Mankins' deal last year. Brandon Marshall allegedly punched a woman in the face over the weekend. The Bears say they knew all about it. It's a different kind of workplace.

Players are making money hand over fist. And the team spending as freely as anyone is the Washington Redskins. The factthat they got financially punched in the face by the NFL for refusing to collude and keep salaries down in the uncapped year hasn't slowed their spending. And, with players getting paid, the NFLPA is probably not interested in complaining about an old collusion case. Still, it was a dirty practice by the NFL owners and it was illegal if you ask me, Tom Curran, BA, English, Saint Anselm '89. Here's an awesome column by Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post explaining why "Everyone Hates Snyder". And Greg Cote wonders what the hell the Dolphins are doing.