Morning Walkthrough: Sparano taking control

Morning Walkthrough: Sparano taking control
May 21, 2012, 2:36 pm
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Tony Sparano has the Jets sitting up and then, in turn, taking notice of his approach with the Jets offense.

Longtime NFL quarterback Jon Kitna is a quarterback no more. He's teaching math. Good for him for transitioning to a post-NFL life. And while retirement is a long journey, it's worth noting that Kitna was famously concussed in 2007.

The NFL is expected to make it mandatory that players wear hip, thigh and knee pads beginning in 2013. When the league has to mandate common-sense safety measures for players because they would otherwise ignore them, doesn't that make you wonder where the personal responsibility lies for guys who line up to decry how the league and the game took advantage of them?

Dallas Clark, who worked out with the Patriots last week, has also worked out for the Bucs.

Quickest way to make an authentic and admirable guy seem like a fraud? Let PR handlers and image cultivators get a hold of Tim Tebow and watch how it unfolds.