Morning walkthrough: March 30, 2012

Morning walkthrough: March 30, 2012
March 30, 2012, 12:50 pm
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Here's Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on why Miami didn't make a run at Tim Tebow. "Well, I talked to the coach. He didnt really fit our system and youre not going to bring someone in just to sell seats."

That certainly has been a philosophy the Dolphins hew to this offseason. Here's the rest of Ross. Unfiltered.

Sanchez is so friggin' doomed.

Nike's first gratuitous and overwrought stamp on NFL jerseys will be in Seattle.

Since Mock Draft season has arrived, who was the best of the draft bigwigs in 2011? That's right, the guy who was having a Saturday night dinner with Bill Belichick at the Westin in Indy back in February at the NFL Combine.

And here's a guy who had the right vibe on Ryan Mallett in 2011.