Morning Walkthrough: Light not tipping his hand

Morning Walkthrough: Light not tipping his hand
March 26, 2012, 3:03 pm
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Plenty on the Saints and the fallout from their Gregg Williams-orchestrated bounty program in Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

The Redskins and Cowboys intend to fight the penalties handed down by the league for paying players a lot in 2010. And they intend to fight hard. Dan Graziano at ESPN has a great take on why Giants owner John Mara needs to pipe down about the whole thing.

The Chargers hate agents. It's an ongoing thing that came to a head when Eli Manning (and his father Archie and Tom Condon) tried to orchestrate the top of the 2004 draft.

Matt Light is now on the NFLPA's Executive Council. Still not tipping his hand on whether he'll be on the Patriots in 2012 though.

Marvin Lewis is giddy about having BenJarvus Green-Ellis on the roster. He overestimates Benny's ability to make people miss, though.