Morning Walkthrough: Bleeping wake-up

Morning Walkthrough: Bleeping wake-up
November 1, 2011, 3:29 pm
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The Ryans are back, the Chargers kill themselves and curse words on your television . . .

Jets guard Matt Slauson has heard enough of former teammate Damien Woody trashing their offensive line. Slauson calls Wayne Hunter an upgrade over Woody. Aggressive wing-flapping about sending Christmas cards ensues.

Broadway Joe takes a jab at Broadwaisted Rex. Probably not the direction Namath should be going in if he wants to A) be taken seriously and B) not be subject to return fire. All that s you keep hearing on the g TV from players swearing during the m game? The Houston Chronicle has a story on it. The great effort to make everything perfect around Tim Tebow so that he can be completely comfortable and rise to the levels he and America deserves continues to be a topic. The Chargers blew their own foot off Monday night. Fred Jackson, MVP? Dear Lord, Ryans. Shut. Up.