Morning Walk-Through: Tebow all the rage

Morning Walk-Through: Tebow all the rage
December 13, 2011, 1:11 pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, your morning NFL walk-through.
Well-done piece by John Powers of The Boston Globe on the conversation his relentless religiosity causes. That the kid is consistently decent - regardless of whether he praises Jesus, Allah or a toadstool in the woods - is what should be appreciated. But you'll see in the article that the believers and non-believers are unable to play nice and let the boy live his life without opportunistically piggybacking his message or tearing him down.

The Cowboys, meanwhile, are relentlessly able to find a way - against every odd - to lose games in the most entertaining ways possible. The Browns are catching deserved heat for allowing Colt McCoy to continue playing after having his bell cracked. James Harrison, who cracked McCoy's bell, doesn't believe his imminent suspension is deserved. A listing of the Tebow-led comebacks since they began. Pretty amazing. That Todd Haley and Scott Pioli were inevitably going to get sideways and need a divorce was, well, inevitable. Here come the Jets?