Monday is like a normal Tuesday for Patriots

Monday is like a normal Tuesday for Patriots
January 6, 2014, 10:45 am
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There is no media access to Patriots players on Monday.
With the AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Colts on Saturday night, the week’s been compressed a bit. So today is being treated like a Tuesday which means no media access on site, just conference calls with Bill Belichick and his coordinators.
We’ll try to get a few words from Josh McDaniels on his meeting with the Browns. I’ve got $25 riding on this response, “I appreciate the interest but really my focus is on the Indianapolis Colts right now and the challenges their defense presents.”
During the season, this day is an off day for the players and a day to finish off the game plan for the coaches. The game plan is likely hatched since work was being done all week on Indy and likely ramped up as the Chargers win became imminent on Sunday.
Players will be in the facility working out and/or getting treatment. Some players will be in getting an early look at the plan -- Tom Brady on offense; possibly Dont'a Hightower on defense among others.
Tuesday will feature practice availability, a Tom Brady press conference and locker room access. There’s a chance we’ll be getting conference calls with Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck as well.
Even though I just laid out for you the change in schedule, it’s always more fun when Belichick says it because he goes through the entire week. Here’s his response from Sunday when asked about the schedule for this week.
“We kind of just bumped everything up a day. We’re playing on Saturday so Saturday is Sunday, Friday is Saturday, Thursday is Friday so that means Monday is Tuesday so tomorrow is like a Tuesday for us. Tuesday will be like a Wednesday and we’ll just march on through the week.”