Mike Pereira: Refs should have stayed with call on field

Mike Pereira: Refs should have stayed with call on field
November 19, 2013, 7:15 pm
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Patriots fans aren't the only ones who feel like the flag originally thrown at the end of the Patriots-Panthers game should have stayed on the field.

Former NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira called in to Felger and Mazz on Monday to discuss the final play, and he too thinks the call should have remained pass interference.

"It's a tough play that involves a couple different aspects of the pass interference rule," Pereira said. "But it all boils down to whether the pass is catchable or uncatchable. The rulebook doesn't really define what is catchable, but it says it's not interference if the pass is clearly uncatchable. It uses that description.

"In the end when we look at everything, I think this: You might be able to make a case that the pass was uncatchable. Maybe. But 'might' and 'maybe' are not 'clearly' in my mind. And I think the fact that the back judge threw the flag, to me the prudent thing to do is to stay with the call on the field."

Pereira feels that there would have been less commotion after the game if the call was pass interference.

"I think the league is probably going to defend the pick-up, but I think that if they really looked at it and would rather have their druthers, I do think that not much would be said if they left that as pass interference and you got another play from the one-yard line. I think that most people would have not even questioned the catchability factor."

Pereira feels that the referee who threw the flag was very indecisive about it, which is why he immediately called for help from the sidejudge and empire. But he doesn't think the call was reversed simply because the game was played in Carolina

"No, I don't think so," Pereira said. "I think that the basic thing was the indecisiveness that was there right from the original part of the play. They wouldn't have sat there and said . . . we're in Carolina, so let's throw it Carolina's way because we want to be able to get out of the Carolina parking lot in one piece. I don't believe that whatsoever."