McCourty: The waiting is the hardest part

McCourty: The waiting is the hardest part
April 23, 2013, 1:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- Devin McCourty may be entering his fourth NFL season in 2013, but the memories of when and how his tenure began are still fresh. The colors become especially vivid every April as the next year's draft draws near.

"I guess the biggest thing, it was kind of nerve-wracking just sitting there, just waiting and waiting," he said of the experience. "You go through so much stuff during the process and it all comes down to a few days where you kind of determine your fate. And you're stuck in a situation where you really have no control. As an athlete, it's always tough to sit there and wait for a phone call."

New England selected the former Rutgers cornerback in 2010 at No. 27 overall. Though McCourty admits being plucked up in the first round is a point of pride, he doesn't believe it's important when looking at the big picture.

"I know for myself, when I came out, I just wanted to get drafted. I didn't care what team. You go through so many years of wanting and dreaming about it, and when the day finally comes you're just happy no matter what team. You see guys ecstatic when the worst team in the league picks them first or second. So I don't think guys really care."  

Of course, McCourty's life has an interesting NFL twist that makes his draft day story unique. His twin brother, Jason, is a defensive back for the Titans. Jason's work just awarded him a big pay day in 2012 -- $44.26 million over six years -- but Devin (whose last deal was for $10 million over five years) still likes to play his trump card.

"My brother was a sixth-rounder and he hears it from me all the time," the Patriot grinned. "I tell him I'm a better college football player than he was, and that's why I got drafted before."

"He has all the money leverage right now. We go back and forth. He picks his battles and I try to pick mine."