McCourty: Pride has held together Pats defense

McCourty: Pride has held together Pats defense
November 28, 2013, 3:00 pm
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A team never wants to find itself in the position the New England Patriots were in at halftime on Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

Trailing 24-0 at halftime, the Patriots had a major turnaround in the second half to defeat the Broncos 34-31 in overtime.

Devin McCourty joined Tom E. Curran on Quick Slants to discuss the team’s mindset as they went into the locker room at halftime.

“It’s crazy because there is no panic,” McCourty said. “I don’t know if this is just a special group this year, but we walked into halftime understanding we were down 24-0, but still having that feeling, that urge we could come back and win.”

While the Patriots made a few adjustments at the half, the Patriots pride is what carried them throughout the rest of the game.

“For us, it’s pride,” McCourty said. “Athletes, competitors, too much pride to go in at halftime and say this over and end up losing 42-0 or 44-0. I thought for us it was key that we said ‘hey, if anything let’s play for pride. Let’s go out here and play a better second half.’ Once you score a few touchdowns, the game just totally changes.”