McCourty gets to be a kid again at Arlington Elementary

McCourty gets to be a kid again at Arlington Elementary
April 8, 2013, 12:45 pm
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CRANSTON, RI --- The students at Arlington Elementary knew they were in for a surprise Monday morning when they were called in for an assembly. Nearly 250 kids filed into the cafeteria and took their seats on the floor, waiting eagerly to see who would take the chair set up before them.

It was the beginning of Arlington's Reading Week and inspiration was needed. Onto the scene came Patriots safety Devin McCourty. When he literally leaped out in front of the crowd, the children's eyes were big as doorknobs.

"Who here doesn't like to read?" he boomed.

A few small hands went up. McCourty played at shock, then made it his mission to convert them all.

"You know what happens in the NFL when you don't read the playbook?" he asked. "You get fired!"

The kids were enraptured. It was exactly what McCourty was hoping for.

"It's always a good time when you can be a kid again," he told reporters after the event. "I love doing these things and, like, camps and stuff. Kids just have energy and if you show 'em a little energy they go through the roof. I just try to come in and be energetic and have fun with it."

It's not lost on the 25-year old how significant such days are. The fact he has the chance to impact a young person's life because of his career, because he has influence, is no small thing.

"That's why I always try to tell 'em to believe in themselves because I can remember teachers' names," McCourty said. "And different times in my life where people, I felt like they were talking to the class and, specifically, they were talking to me. So I just always try to encourage them, no matter what you do, believing in yourself will always be the number one thing."