McCourty discusses concussion

McCourty discusses concussion
January 2, 2014, 8:00 pm
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If anyone was hoping for the Patriots to secure a first round bye in the playoffs, it was Devin McCourty.

McCourty suffered a concussion against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16, and sat out the regular season finale against the Bills as well.

McCourty joined Tom E. Curran on Quick Slants to discuss what immediately happens after a player sustains a concussion.

“As soon as you take any type of hit like that, it’s straight to the sideline,” McCourty said. “You’re straight to the doctor. He’s going to ask you these questions. He’s going to see whatever the protocol is for the concussion and try to judge a little bit to see if you have one. Once that happens, then it’s their decision. Do they think you have one? Do you need further tests? Are you good, you go back in the game.”

McCourty said he went back into the locker room for further tests, and even though he felt better, going back into the game was out of his hands.

“Once I got back to the locker room, I was feeling alright, I was feeling good,” McCourty said. “But, once the doctor decides ‘no, we don’t think you need to go back in the game,’ that’s it. It’s out of your control.”

The injury to McCourty was just another issue added to a long list that the Patriots have had to overcome this season.

“This team is so mentally tough,” McCourty said. “We go through so many different things throughout the season. Whether injuries, off the field things, just everything you can imagine for a team to go through. We’ve lost some of our key players offensively and defensively…It keeps being the next man up.”