Mayock: Amaro, Hageman could interest Pats

Mayock: Amaro, Hageman could interest Pats
February 19, 2014, 10:15 am
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Mike Mayock of the NFL Network had a pre-Combine conference call Tuesday afternoon.
The transcript was 23 pages long.
Among the questions posed to Mayock was, if the Patriots were seeking defensive tackle or tight end help in the first round, who might make sense.
It’s important to remember that Mayock didn’t offer any names for New England unprompted. He was asked specifically about those positions. So when somebody says in the ensuing three months of pre-draft pontificating to come that, “Mayock said the Patriots are taking Jace Amaro…” you will know the circumstances under which Mayock brought up Amaro’s name.
First, on the group of defensive tackles, Mayock said, “”They are sitting there at 29 and obviously depending on how you look at this thing and what type of defensive tackle they are looking for, Louis Nix III (Notre Dame) and [Timmy] Jernigan (Florida State) are probably gone.
(Too bad, judging from Nix’ smile…)
“Then [Dominique] Easley, the kid I really like from Florida, tore an ACL, his second ACL, so he's not going to go,” predicted Mayock. “He's one of those picks that the Patriots tend to get in like the third or fourth round for value, a first round guy later on.
“I think [Ra’Shede] Hageman from Minnesota is the big question mark there,” Mayock offered. “If he's still on the board, because he's an explosive kid, he could play a couple different slots and Coach Belichick likes those versatile guys.  He's had some off the field questions attached to him but he's got a ton of ability and talent.  If Hageman was sitting there, I think he'd be really interesting.”
Hageman is 6-foot-6, 318 pounds as measured at the Senior Bowl. His defensive line coach says he’s got a vertical of 36 inches and can pull off a 360-degree dunk.
If he goes in the first round, he’ll be the first Gopher selected in the first since Laurence Maroney in 2006.
Here’s a tremendous story worth reading on Hageman’s interesting path.
He grew up with some significant anger issues, the story explains. The only times he’s been involved with the police were for hosting an “uncontrolled party” -- a bender that got out of hand -- and for being involved in a fight outside a bar in May, 2012. He contended he was the peacemaker and was released that night on $50 bond.
Post-Hernandez, the Patriots will be vetting potential draft picks even more closely for behavioral red flags. The likelihood of a player being taken off the board for behavioral issues is higher, one presumes.
Mayock then delved into the tight end class.
“The North Carolina kid [Eric Ebron] is going to be long gone, and then there's a lot of different varying opinions on what you're looking for,” Mayock explained. “[Austin] Seferian‑Jenkins (Washington), for lack of a better term, is built like [Rob] Gronkowski whereas [Jace] Amaro from Texas Tech is built more like [Aaron] Hernandez.
“So there are a lot of people that like Amaro and point to him as that kind of guy,” Mayock added.  “Depending on what you're looking for, and that's probably the kind of guy they are looking for, if he's sitting there and they like him, he would be logical at 29 and I think the other guy would be Hageman.  Outside of that, I think the other top guys are going to be gone.”
So make of that what you will.