Mayo 1-on-1: It will take a lot to cover Graham

Mayo 1-on-1: It will take a lot to cover Graham
October 11, 2013, 12:00 am
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Jerod Mayo had the defense playing well last week against the Cincinnati Bengals, but the Patriots still came up short, losing 13-6.

Mayo played his best game of the season thus far, as he recorded 12 tackles and had a fumble recovery.

Mayo sat down with Tom E. Curran on Quick Slants to discuss how other offenses plan on attacking the Patriots’ defense without Vince Wilfork in there.

“Teams they change every week when they go against us,” Mayo said. “We have to study the film and have to be able to go in and do some halftime adjustments as well. We got to adjust on the fly.”

Upcoming for Mayo and the rest of the defense will be slowing down the high-powered Saints’ offense, who have one of the best tight ends in the game in Jimmy Graham.

“Jimmy Graham is a great tight end,” Mayo said. “He can run block. He can catch obviously. He can get down the field vertically. He can run the short routes, big catch radius. It will take a lot of guys to cover that guy.”