Marshall: Treat players before it's too late


Marshall: Treat players before it's too late

Brandon Marshall, now a receiver for the Chicago Bears, says that if Junior Seau was treated sooner, he may not have resorted to suicide.

Marshall's off-the-field issues have been well-documented, and in a Chicago Times article he says that treatments have helped him deal with his mental angst.

His hope is that more players -- players who may potentially be suffering from CTE -- will seek treatment before they hurt themselves or someone else.

In therapy, I learned how to express my emotions and talk about my problems, then apply it to my real life. I had to work through my entire belief system, train myself how to think, not what to think, and let go of the things that had me in bondage.

He added:

Junior Seau, Kenny McKinley, Dave Duerson, Brandon Marshall, etc. I am the only one in that group who is living because I got help before it was too late.