Mankins: We wanted to run every single play

Mankins: We wanted to run every single play
September 30, 2013, 2:30 pm
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The Patriots rushed 26 times with three different running backs in Sunday night's win over the Atlanta Falcons.

LeGarrette Blount, Stevan Ridley, and Brandon Bolden combined for 134 yards on the ground. Blount led the pack with 64 yards and a touchdown on nine carries. Ridley rushed for 53 yards on 11 carries. And Bolden ran for 17 yards on six carries.

On the Patriots' first scoring drive, they ran the ball 10 straight times. It resulted in a 1-yard Matt Mulligan touchdown reception.

"Yeah, that was a fun drive for us," said Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins in a conference call on Monday. "We really didn’t do any pass blocking, so that was great. We were on the sideline, and I was like ‘I don’t even know if I can pass block tonight,’ because we didn’t really have to do it yet. It’s always great when you just pound the rock, impose your will, and that is going to break the spirit of the defense if you can keep running it and they can’t stop you."

Mankins continued to praise the team's run game, and implied that they are a better team when they run like they did on Sunday night.

"Last night it was going good," said Mankins. "We knew going into that game that we were more physical and we should run the ball. Josh [McDaniels] did a good job of calling the runs and we were excited about it. We wanted to run the ball every single play of the game. The backs ran good. It was good to see some big chunks in the running game last night with LeGarrette [Blount] getting a long one and getting a touchdown out of it. So, that was great and I think the better we run the ball, the better we are going to play."