Mankins: Vollmer looks good in workouts

Mankins: Vollmer looks good in workouts
April 17, 2014, 1:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- Grunt work. That's what Logan Mankins calls it when he and a handful of Patriots offensive linemen get into the weight room at Gillette Stadium to do their offseason workouts.

"Next week we'll fire up the running a lot more when the coaches are allowed to get out there and push us doing that," Mankins said. "Right now it's just the big boys in there throwing around weights."

In a conversation with reporters on Wednesday afternoon, Mankins said that he, guard Dan Connolly, newly re-signed center Ryan Wendell and others have been hitting the weights and pushing each other as a group to get ready for the 2014 season.

One player of note who has joined them is tackle Sebastian Vollmer. The German right tackle ended last season on injured reserve after breaking his leg in a Week 8 win over the Dolphins, 27-17.

"He looks good right now," Mankins said. "I don't know his whole update right now, but he looks good and I know he's working hard so there's good promise there."

Mankins mentioned that backup offensive lineman Chris Barker and 2013 practice squad player Jordan Devey have also joined the veteran group in their workouts.

For Mankins, 32, it takes a little bit longer each offseason to finally feel like he's back to full health. But once he returns to the Foxboro area to get to work, that's when the juices get flowing and he starts to look forward to the upcoming season.

It's part of a yearly cycle he goes through as routine.

"I think it's just been part of my life for so long," he said. "I'm sure when I retire and spring comes along I'll say 'It's time to work out,' but I won't have to. Hopefully I'll continue with it so I don't get fat . . . Or fatter, I guess."

Even after nine years in the NFL, it's an exciting time for Mankins to come back to the facility and get to work.

"It's always exciting," Mankins said. "It's kind of like your first day back at school I guess. You get to see everyone after the break, and you get to catch up with some friends you haven't seen too much of lately. You get to work each other, push each other, see if other guys have been working as hard as you have."