Mankins: 'Our defense is kicking butt out there'

Mankins: 'Our defense is kicking butt out there'
September 22, 2013, 6:30 pm
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It's a bit strange to see the Patriots holding opponents to minimal yardage and scoring, but that's been the case over the first three weeks of the season.

New England is 3-0 for the first time since 2007, and much of that is due to the play of the defense. While the offense has been a little off, the defense has stepped up and won games. That, in turn, has given the Patriots offense more confidence in them.

Logan Mankins joined Mike Felger on Postgame Live to discuss that very thing.

"Definitely, Mike," Mankins said when asked about growing confidence. "I was talking to my buddy Matt Light the other day and I was like, 'This is awesome. We're not even putting up very many points and we're still winning just because our defense is kicking butt out there.' Nothing is more encouraging for our offense when you know your defense is going out there and they're going to stop them. If they get it down in the red zone, we have total confidence that they're going to hold them to three. it's just an unbelievable feeling right now as an offensive player to know your defense is playing that well."

The Patriots secondary has been one of the worst in the NFL over the last couple seasons, but so far this year it's been the opposite. But it isn't just the secondary. The defensive line has been strong in limiting the rush. Mankins sees the improvement from top to bottom.

"I don't know how they've gotten better, but they have," Mankins said. "They're stopping the run first and foremost, they're doing a good job against that. Guys are covering their butts off out there. they're chasing guys everywhere. They're doing a good job of that. They're getting after the quarterback at times. Today they had stops on fourth down, stops on third-and-short, so those are always crucial plays in a drive when the defense makes those that picks up the spirit of the offense. I know I was fired up over there on that fourth-and-one when the stuffed them. So that only picks up the team even more."