Mankins: Offense 'let the team down'

Mankins: Offense 'let the team down'
October 6, 2013, 8:15 pm
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All the focus is on the play of the Patriots offense after they could not produce enough points to beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Logan Mankins joined the PostGame Live crew to talk about the Patriots lack of offensive firepower, as they were unable to find the end zone in the game.

“The offense, I feel, we let the team down today,” Mankins said. “We didn’t score enough points. Six points is never going to cut it. Offensively, we have to play a lot better.”

Mankins also touched upon the weather conditions, which affected the Patriots last drive of the game when Tom Brady was intercepted by Adam Jones.

“The rain didn’t really start until that last two minute drive there, and it started pouring, that’s just the way our day went,” Mankins said. “We didn’t do nothing worth a dang all day, and then, we try to do a two-minute drive in the pouring rain, so that’s what we deserved.”