Mangini regrets turning in the Patriots over Spygate


Mangini regrets turning in the Patriots over Spygate

Former Patriots assistant Eric Mangini says if he could change one thing, he wouldn't have turned the Patriots in over Spygate nearly five years ago.

Its regret, its disappointment, its all of those things, said Mangini appearing on NFL Live alongside former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi. I know what it took to win those Super Bowls and I have so much respect for the people that were involved there. Im disappointed that this is what its translated into.

The fact that Tedy has to sit here and talk about that because of a decision that I made, its disappointing.

Mangini says he wasn't trying to hurt the Patriots or Bill Belichick when he alerted the NFL, he only wanted to beat the Patriots.

This is one of those situations where I didnt want them to do the things they were doing." continued Mangini. "I didnt think it was any kind of significant advantage, but I wasnt going to give them the convenience of doing it in our stadium, and I wanted to shut it down."