Mallett acting as Manning in Patriots practice

Mallett acting as Manning in Patriots practice
January 15, 2014, 10:30 am
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FOXBORO -- Nobody does Peyton like Peyton. Except maybe Ryan Mallett.
After the Patriots overtime win over the Broncos in November, Mallett was lauded for the work he did in practice the previous week. His job: Be Manning.
When there’s not a lot on your agenda, as there isn’t for Mallett playing behind Tom Brady, you relish the chance to make a contribution.
‘’Oh, I love it. I can’t wait. It’s my favorite week of the year when we get to play against Peyton,” Mallett said Monday. “Hopefully I can get another black jersey (given for outstanding practice work).’’

Mallett does the whole Manning routine -- dawdling at the line, flapping his arms like a flightless bird, whispering to his linemen, screaming the names of Midwestern cities.
Mallett grew up watching Manning so he’s got it down. But he still does some prep by “watching a lot of film, and watching what he does, and making decisions he would make based on (watching) the film. I try to do everything Peyton does. Anything I think Peyton would do, I try to do that.’’
Didn’t bother asking if he tries to end practice with a soul-crushing interception.