Mailbag: Patriots musings and other randomness

Mailbag: Patriots musings and other randomness
May 28, 2013, 1:00 pm

The Patriots have OTAs again this week. And they have them next week. The next week, it’s minicamp, the most informative session of the offseason spring. Then the team goes dark until mid-July.

Right now, though, news is a little slow. Here's a sampling of what's been on your minds and sent to me on Twitter.

A. Jacob, you my friend are proficient with the past perfect tense. And you flaunt it. That’s what I like. Not a lot of people out there willing to string together a “have been or had played” mindbender on the reading audience. You did, though. And then you chased it with two more details giving pause – eventual Super Bowl champion and at least once – which makes your 22-word twobservation something that demands a triple read. And by the time I was done, I was too tired to check. I’ll take your word for it.

A. James, that was a Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend 2013, right? I was heading in to pick up some clinical strength deodorant. Because I’ve become aggressively smelly lately. Deodorant’s lasting like three hours before the stink sets in. Candidly? I think it has more to do with Big Deodorant trying to increase profit margins by reducing the amount of zinc oxide in the products thereby forcing a guy with pedestrian stink to need an upgrade to the more expensive clinical strength. Be that as it may, I do appreciate you giving me room, though. As you can see, I’m a private person.


A. Look at Danny C getting me in the loop on Sports Takes IMO after IMO made an observation that I am in the bag for the Pats regarding Wes Welker winding up in Denver. Danny, thanks for working the perimeter. IMO, you’re OK. A little research would reveal the many occasions I’ve bludgeoned the Patriots’ decision-making or pointed out shortcomings by the coaching staff or players. I go case-by-case, though and – given the fact they are the NFL’s most successful team over the last dozen years and have been tremendous since 2010 in rebuilding their team – there’s usually more shrewd decision-making than stupid. And as far as Welker being a Bronco, Welker got screwed. You were fed faulty info in the early days of free agency as to who did the screwing, but it all came out in the wash. There is no ambiguity about what happened, just a refusal by people to move off their “Pats screwed Wes” angle once the timeline came to light. Screws up their narrative.


A. The Patriots often bring an extra leg in during the offseason because the workload of kickoffs, field goals, PATs is a lot for one guy to bear. Last week’s signing of rookie free agent David Ruffer, formerly from Notre Dame is probably not a shot across the bow of Stephen Gostkowski. That’s not to say Gostkowski is irreplaceable or that he wouldn’t be in danger if he goes face-first into decline this summer. The Patriots like competition and the pressure of a good young kicker should sharpen Gostkowski’s focus. I’d just say it’s unlikely Ruffer is the heir apparent.

A. I do not.

A. Just on his conference call, Alex. I haven’t heard big character concerns. I’ve heard concern he may not be worthy of the second-round pick they spent on him, but that will come out in the wash. 


A. Harry, the Patriots’ deal at 29 netted them Collins (52), Logan Ryan (83) and Josh Boyce (102). The way you measure the deal, in my opinion, is going in involve figuring out the players passed on between 29 and 52 and figuring out if the contributions made by any one of those players trumps what the Patriots get out of the three players they picked up. I don’t see any other way to discern whether the deal worked or not.

A. Have you considered Sanchez’ Hair Retainer?