Lombardi caught red-handed with Browns logo

Lombardi caught red-handed with Browns logo
February 26, 2014, 1:00 pm
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The Patriots are at it again. In their never-ending quest to get over on the rest of the NFL, their most recent staff hire, Mike Lombardi, was seen at the NFL Combine with . . . a Browns logo.
Do they know no shame? Rhetorical question.
Lombardi, the former Browns GM, was fired a couple weeks back. A source told Mary Kay Cabot that Lombardi was permitted to clean out his desk and office and leave the Browns facility without supervision.
The Browns, Cabot reports, had no comment on presence of the logo.
Whether the logo would have been confiscated by some of the team’s muscle is up for debate because, well, nobody knows what information is on the page where the logo appears.
One can presume it is prospect information compiled by Lombardi or Cleveland scouting personnel while Lombardi was GM in Cleveland.
One can also presume it could have been a list of team-by-team needs compiled by the Patriots and that team logos were used by the graphics department.
Presumptions aside, if the pages Lombardi was looking at were draft and/or prospect related, it stands to reason A) he had a hand in compiling it and B) there are really no secrets when it comes to information about draft prospects.
Browns fans may be outraged that Lombardi may have made off with some of the team’s proprietary information. Given the Browns’ track record, Patriots fans could be just as pissed Lombardi saw fit to bring it along.