Lloyd on relationship with Brady: 'It takes time'


Lloyd on relationship with Brady: 'It takes time'

FOXBORO -- Brandon Lloyd presents an intense interaction. He's polite, but businesslike. Lloyd locks eyes with each questioner for the duration of every answer he gives. He finishes off with this raised-brow look over bright eyes like, 'Next?'First impression: This guy is no-nonsense.

"We're plugging away," Lloyd said of camp. "It's still too early to really tell, but we're doing our best. We're doing what we're coached to do and eventually we'll start hitting on all cylinders."

All players and coaches keep saying, 'It's way too early to tell,' but excitement about Lloyd and his chemistry with quarterback Tom Brady is still percolating. The highlight of each of the last three sessions has been a downfield connection between the two, pretty enough to amp up the 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the stadium crowd.

Yet Lloyd is content to go through the paces.

"The relationship just takes time. We're continuing to talk and work together and seeing what one another is expecting out of the route running and eventually it will just start clicking.

"There's no give and take. It's what we're coached to do, and then we all go out and execute.

That's where the temptation to report early success comes in -- he and Brady are executing. And because he's tasked to be that downfield threat -- and yes, because he wears No. 85 -- it's hard not to compare him to Chad Johnson. It's hard not to see Lloyd thriving where Johnson floundered.

But however the hope is projected, he will continue to be patient with the process.No matter how fast it looks like he's learning.