Lloyd: 'New England is everything that it's built up to be'

Lloyd: 'New England is everything that it's built up to be'
August 17, 2012, 9:17 pm
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FOXBORO -- Tom Brady and Brandon Lloyd took some time away from the rest of the team, on Friday, to go over a few things on the side practice field.

It was a side-session that both players talked about beforehand, and felt it was necessary to get a little bit more familiar with each other.

"You get late into possessions, and you get into that 8th, 9th, 10th play, and you're still expected to function with the same brain capacity that you did on the first play of the series," said Lloyd afterwards. "So, it's good physical training, and it's good mental training."

Lloyd is happy with his first training camp in New England. And now that he gets to work every day with Brady, he's seeing the reality of what it takes to be a Patriot, first-hand.

"It's everything that it's built up to be," said Lloyd. "It takes every ounce of concentration and physical preparation and mental preparation to be able to function in this offense. They have a championship pedigree. And I'm just doing my best to get up to speed and to be able to execute.

"You hear about the Patriots, and you try to emulate it the best you can. It's just different when every person on the roster is doing it, as opposed to four or five guys, or 10 guys, or 11. It's definitely been fulfilling."