Light: Brady can pull plays 'out of his you-know-what'

Light: Brady can pull plays 'out of his you-know-what'
January 14, 2014, 8:30 pm
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Matt Light and Troy Brown give their takes on Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as competitors.

Matt Light and Troy Brown spent plenty of years playing with Tom Brady.

Light protecting Brady on the line, and Brown reeling in his passes.

The two joined Gary Tanguay on Early Edition  to talk about the Tom Brady - Peyton Manning matchup this Sunday, and just how special the two players are.

"It's real simple," Light said. "Same thing I say about Manning or Brady, I say about a guy like Drew Brees. Guys I've been able to be around. Coming out of college I said there's nobody that can be more competitive than Drew Brees. Then I ran into Tom Brady. And for that matter, really [Drew] Bledsoe too. Just the way they approach the game, what they put in to it, relentless pursuit of perfection. That's the easiest way to describe guys like Peyton and Tom."

"I would say that the difference between those two is Tommy has this unique ability to pull things out of his you-know-what."

Brady's going to have to keep that up on Sunday, as his receiving corps isn't quite as deep as Manning's.

Check out the video for more on Brady from Light and Brown.