Law says Arrington most resembles his game

Law says Arrington most resembles his game
August 17, 2012, 9:04 pm
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FOXBORO -- Any time a Patriots player can get advice from a former Pro Bowler, it's a good day. It's an even better day when that Pro Bowler shows up to training camp and compares your style of play to his.

That's exactly what former Patriots cornerback Ty Law said about current Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington, at Gillette Stadium on Friday afternoon.

"I like his approach to the game," said Law. "He's physical. All those guys are pretty physical. But as far as the most similar to myself, I look at Arrington."

Law went on to applaud Arrington even more, for producing at such a high level as a guy who went undrafted. And even though Arrington was tied for the league-lead in interceptions last season with seven, Law believes he's only going to get better.

"I think he's still hungry for more," said Law. "He's going to prove to everybody that, 'Hey, you're gonna think about me, you're gonna talk about me.' And I see that in him.

"If he keeps continuing to work like he is, he may be one of the number one corners out there. And if he can keep building on the season that he had last year, drafted or not, you can be somebody special."

After practice, Arrington was told about Law's comments, and he reacted just as any young player would, when praised by someone like Law.

"For him to even mention me, I'm honored, to say the least," said Arrington. "For guys like Ty and Tedy to come back and share anything with us as a team, we appreciate it so much. We're definitely grateful. And it just shows you how much they bleed this organization. It's a privilege.

"You definitely listen. I definitely appreciate it. And the more he could come around, the better."