Law: Patriots should make run at Tony Gonzalez

Law: Patriots should make run at Tony Gonzalez
January 20, 2014, 1:00 am
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The Patriots will turn the page to next season starting on Monday, which means Bill Belichick will be making plenty of personnel decisions.

The team definitely needs to address their receiving needs, whether it bet the wide receiver position or the tight end position.

Rob Gronkowski's health is first and foremost, as the team will need a healthy Gronkowski to compete.

Mike Felger throws out a fantasy trade scenario. He asks Ty Law and Troy Brown if they'd trade him for a No. 1 pick.

The two seem to be inclined to make the trade, but Law makes it known that he'd only do it if he had some inside information that led him to believe that Gronk just wouldn't be his healthy self again in his career.

Law also isn't opposed to getting an insurance tight end. He throws out the name Tony Gonzalez.

"Old teammate of mine, old friend of mine. He would have came here," Law said.

"He may take short money to come here and play for one year and win the championship," Brown said.