Law: Can't depend only on offense in playoffs

Law: Can't depend only on offense in playoffs
December 19, 2011, 4:33 pm
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So the Patriots got a win, on the road, against a team that may find itself in the playoffs. But New England got help. The Broncos, as Sports Sunday's Michael Felger put it, "puked on themselves," and the Pats offense was able to carry them to a victory.

The defense played well in the second half, but did it do enough to quiet those who say the it is not championship-caliber? Can the Patriots simply rely on their offense to carry them in the postseason?

"Absolutely not," said Ty Law. "When you get into the playoffs, these teams feel like 'I'm good too,' so these teams come in with a lot more confidence than these teams they're playing with right now."

Troy Brown agreed. He says the Patriots will need to get timely stops when it matters most."
You can't depend on your offense to go out there and win games in the playoffs and be a championship type football team," Brown said. "You gotta be able to make some stops on defense against quality teams.

"I would think it's going to be very difficult for them to win games just with their offense in the playoffs.